Apple dropped this news on Friday, announcing a significant upgrade to its Swift Playgrounds coding education app for iOS. This was news that could have owned a slice of the WWDC keynote – suggesting there’s a lot of news to fit into the main event this week.

The Swift Playgounds app launched (at WWDC last year) with just some basics but has now seen updates bring it to a phase where you can interface with robotics toys like Sphero and Jimu, as well as musical instruments.

It’s a great example of Apple iteration. Get a good-if-rudimentary first version out there and upgrade it until it moves from “clever” or “adequate”, with caveats, to become something vying for best-in-class honours.

So much ‘why should I pay for basic features’ guff around Feedly Pro. Feedly is a post Reader winner because it is slick and it is iterating features rapidly. I’m happy to give them some money to support the good work of a team who seems to know what I want.

As ever, it’s not about a raw list of features. It’s about the details.