Stand back! I’m going to try science!

CNET is an amazing, influential, global juggernaut of the tech world. And being a part of it for six years has been wonderful. I led the Australian team from separate websites around the world to be a highly respected, integral part of a unified worldwide CNET and that was one hell of a journey. The work we’ve produced along the way has been amongst my proudest achievements.

So it’s very hard to leave. But that’s what I’m doing. And I’m not going to a competitor either.

I’m shifting my attention to another field, a more fundamental area of coverage. Science! Science needs more communicators and advocates than ever in the current world. I’m excited to join an outlet that’s succeeding in this task already (more on this soon), as well as eager to spend some of my own time promoting STEM education and awareness to parents and families who want to better prepare their kids for the future and to get the tech balance right as kids grow up.

I hope all the best people in the land fight it out for my seat here at CNET. It’s an amazing position. A regional leadership role in editorial as part of the world’s best premium publisher. It’s the best role I could have asked for and I’ll miss the team greatly.

[Headline lovingly stolen from XKCD]