Next stop: ScienceAlert

I’ve done a typical lapsed blogger’s job of maintaining this site. But then, I’ve had a decade of mostly writing words about things I love on other websites as a focus. So now Byrning will become my personal outlet for talking about things I care about in the tech world as my daily work focus shifts toward the domain of science. Some casual tech punditry, if you will. The world needs more of that. You know it’s true.

For those eager to know where I’m going next for my full-time brain work, I’m joining ScienceAlert.

Mobile-first, social-first science news that’s built an amazing balance between catchy headlines, punchy openings and then going deep on the science within. So excited to join this incredibly lean and effective science news crew as it looks to evolve and grow its efforts.

It’s also a truly modern digital operation. Everyone works remotely and collaborates through digital tools. For someone like myself, living in a country town, it’s brilliant to find that perfect balance of living where I want while working as part of a smart and agile digital team.

On Facebook, ScienceAlert is 4x the scale of CNET, so a lot of you already know it. But if you didn’t already, check it out.

I’ll be there from May 1.